Localisation (or localization if you prefer the American spelling) is most often used in the translation industry to refer to the practice of localising websites; that is the process of making them linguistically and culturally appropriate for a given locality. However, whilst we do provide website localisation services, we prefer a wider definition:

To localise is to “make or become local in attitude or behaviour” according to Collins English Dictionary.

This wider definition reaches beyond words on a page (printed or on the web), the truly localised translation we provide is therefore about understanding and adapting a text to suit local attitudes and values.

Selling in a new market is about more than sticking a pin in a map and hoping for the best, so is appropriately localised translation. Our team ensures relevant and accurate expression in the translated text.  We make extensive use of in-country translators. This ensures up to date language use, and an awareness of current local culture and values.